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A Trove of VMware Exam Profiles Right Here at PITC

In cruising over PearsonITCertification.com (PITC) this morning, I couldn't help but notice a grand collection of VMware exam profiles available to readers, with five recent entries posted over the past 10 months. Almost anybody considering a VMware exam is likely to find this material useful, as the exam profiles provide an overview of the technical content and level of difficulty of the exams they cover.

A carefully crafted Google search proved necessary to tease out the relevant items, as I couldn't make PITC's own search engine zero in on those particular exams, to the exclusion of other Exam Profile stories (of which there are more than a hundred in total, on topics from Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, ISC-squared, and many other exam sponsors and providers). Here's what my google search returned, first in pictorial form, then with relevant links:

5 Exams Get "Exam Profile" Coverage in 2013 from PITC

Here are the relevant links:

  1. Nathan Raper: VMware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Exam VCP-VCD510 (May 8, 2013)
  2. Matt Vandenbeld: VMware Certified Associate - Cloud Exam VCAC510 (Nov 25, 2013)
  3. Matt Vandenbeld: VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization Exam VCAD510 (Oct 28, 2013)
  4. Tom Ralph: VMware Certified Professional - Cloud Exam VCPC510 (May 8, 2013)
  5. Bill Ferguson: VMware VCP510 (Mar 12, 2013)

There's also another June 2012 profile on the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) exam available from Harley Stagner as well, for those interested in one of VMware's pinnacle level credentials. With the rampant rise of virtualization technologies these days, both in their own right and in connection with cloud computing, VMware certs are in extremely high demand, so these exam profiles can help you understand what they cover, and what you must learn to get past them. If VMware certs are on your radar these profiles can help you decide what you must do to prepare, how much effort will be involved in that activity, and whether or not you can include plans for VMware certification in your 2014 personal development plans. Be sure to check them out!