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60 Days to MCSE -- For Real!!

By  May 16, 2012

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Every now and then, I'll see a blog post or tweet handle that provokes me into a genuine double-take, and occasionally even a fit of head-scratching. When I saw the tag line "60 Days to MCSE" recently on Microsoft's Born to Learn blog recently, it caused that very reaction. But when I started digging into the details, I realized that it wasn't a joke, and for a certain class of already-MS-certified IT professionals could be very much for real.

It all started with a peer challenge on the Born to Learn user forums, ably assisted and fomented by MS Learning Community Manager Veronica Sopher. The first post proclaims the groups's Twitter hash tag at the start of its title "#60days2MCSE -- Who, What, Why, Where, and How." Once the newly redefined MCSE popped on the radar in mid-April, 2012, it didn't take long for a smart bunch of Microsoft certified professionals to realize than an MCITP on Windows Server (Enterprise or Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008) could complete the additional exams needed to qualify for the Private Cloud MCSE without too much muss or fuss -- and with some strenuous elbow grease, in 60 days or less! And from this realization a community -- and perhaps even a certification phenomenon -- was born.

Lots of interesting info, interaction, and links here

You can find a dedicated forum for this purpose at 60 Days to MCSE, which has added sections for the Business Intelligence and Data Platform MCSEs now also available, along with a preview section for the up-and-coming MCSA as well.

IT blogger Matt Griffin has also put together a nice post with lots of great information and links called "#60Days2MCSE Challenge - The Plan - The Resources." He shares his schedule for the 60-day sequence, and provides tips on how best to proceed on your own 60-day adventure. What I like best about his post appears under the headings of Resources (Jump Start, e-learning materials, server lab hardware recommendations, and Private Cloud materials) and MMS Videos (a whole screenful of good stuff on dozens of topics relevant to server virtualization and private cloud exams).

This is the kind of low-budget, high-value effort that only a strong community can put togther for itself. If you're thinking about the Private Cloud or any of the other MCSE credentials, you owe yourself a visit to these pages.