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SAVE BIG!! Black Friday for Cert Stuff at PITC

If you're in the market for cert books, practice tests, or video training materials, head on over to Pearson IT Certification, where you'll find savings of up to 55% on a storewide basis (you must buy two or more items to get the big discount; single items get 35% off instead).

Grab all you want this holiday weekend: we'll print or make more!!!

The key is to use the coupon code BF2015 (guess what that stands for?) during the checkout process, and you too can qualify for substantial discounts on video training, simulators, practice tests, books, and eBooks for your cert learning and preparation needs. The offer ends just before midnight on November 28 (Saturday), so it's really more of a "Black Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday" deal.

Here's a full list of what's included in the offer by product category, straight from the Black Friday 2015 Sale Page:

  • most print books
  • eBooks
  • full-course videos
  • simulators
  • practice tests

And, just for the record, double-dipping is not an option, so you can't apply these discounts against any of the already-discounted product offerings:

  • Book + eBook bundles
  • book/eBook + video bundles
  • individual video lessons
  • Rough Cuts
  • Safari Books Online
  • non-discountable titles
  • titles on promotion with our retail partners
  • any title featured as eBook or Video Deal of the Week

Still, this is one heck of a sale for anybody who needs cert prep materials of just about any shape or form, so be sure to head over to the online store before midnight Saturday (11/28) so you don't miss out!